Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Frag Farmer

Ok everyone....
here is one of the newest additions to my reefing world :)
Extremely BOLD colors on his coral!
They are located right here in Miami, Florida.
Exceptional prices for the beautiful specimens he has to offer.

Extremely generous offers on savings:
30% OFF
Just use Code: ACANSLASH
(this offer expires Midnight 1/17/2011)
But do not fret, lol...there are ALWAYS great offers being made on his site!

Ok everyone, now show some of the great love we share amongst our blogging world, lol! Spread his link to everyone you come across...get some traffic to his site :)
(feel free to copy/repost this on your page :) )

P.S. Shipping in Florida is only $12.50!!!
How can you go wrong there?!
Clams, Anemones, Ricordea
You name it, He's got it!

Visit The Frag Farmer & Save!