Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Today I awoke to one of my Banggai fish - the male- very stressed out, his dorsal fin shredded. He was darker in color and had labored breathing. I am not sure what caused this, other than (possibly) getting caught near the intake of a new filter I had placed in the tank the night before.
It is very odd, as the intake is not strong at all- and they normally sleep 'under' the rocks... so not sure what happened, but I found him all the way on the other side of the tank, resting on a bed of macroalgae. The female was on the opposite side of the tank, near the rockwork. The few people I shared this with all agree: it couldn't have been the female, so the only other option is the filter.
 I am so sad about this, (for fish lovers- you will understand) as I am positive he was holding. And after discussing with another hobbyist - I was expecting the eggs to hatch within the next 2-3 weeks.
Sadly- I came home this evening to find he did not recover.
Now I am contemplating on whether or not to introduce a new male to my existing female, in 'hopes' they accept each other. . . or just move her to my display tank, and seek a new pair to breed in hopes of establishing a healthy tank raised family of Banggai's?
I do not want to take the chance of having a new addition attack the female that I have... but I do not want to keep her lonely either. So, I am going to be posing the question on my forums, and see the best option for an easy transition of adding a new mate.
*** more to come on my Banggai....... :( it breaks my heart.

Monday, February 20, 2012

As far as my aqualife goes.....all my pairs are doing well, eating, growing - getting stronger & healthier. I cannot wait for the next stream of eggs to be laid, so I can jump back into it :) My pairs are pretty much all around the same age - with the exception of my Banggai's and Maroons - so all the clowns should start to lay togther, or within a relatively close time frame.
The Banggai's are doing well, and I have started  putting a blog togther for them also, to keep their info separate from the clownfish. They are fun to watch :) I am watching the male like a hawk to see if he is carrying the eggs yet, but he likes to play hide and seek, lol
As time has it, Spring is in the air, haha , so I am Spring Cleaning - check out my ebay listings - I am clearing out alot of what I do not use anymore, or just do not have a use for. Some are old, some new, some borrowed, and some never opened. Enjoy looking. I will try to post something new each day.
Have a great Monday - Happy Presidents Day everyone

Sunday, February 5, 2012


This weekend... hmm.. could be a little longer.

Somehow the days seem to be going by quicker as our son gets older, lol.
I feel like the days are slipping away :(

 He is planning on college, of course, so the talk around the house lately has shifted to dorm rooms, scholarships, classes, etc... where did the time go? This was once my sweet little baby, lol.. now almost a towering young man. I cannot express how proud I am of him, the person he has grown to be. But I do miss the times when we had all day to bond- to watch tv, read a bedtime story, seems like everything now is rushed into a hustle, bustle, hurry up menagerie of events.

 Yup.... feeling motherly-nostalgic,  so... rather than getting all weepy here on the computer while the guys watch the Superbowl... let me switch to my fishtalk, haha.. always keeps me calm, :)

So- as many of you know, I have brought home another pair of great looking fish :)
This time a pair of Maroon clowns - see my other link Chelle's Maroons  - they are feeding well. I am very pleased with them, the overall size, coloration- very healthy looking fish :)

I also just found out that someone I follow on one of my forums will be featured on BlogTalkRadio .. ON MY BIRTHDAY, lol! How cool is that? A great topic, one I love (clownfish) by Kathy ( of Kathy's Clowns) and on my day, heehee .. looking forward to listening in :)

Here is the link to the radio show :
BlogTalkRadio ...Clownfish for Beginners