Saturday, February 27, 2010

I would like to introduce the newest member of my lil' ocean.......Monty!

On the 20th, I brought home a lovely green carpet anemone.
He is strikingly beautiful. Very full, ruffly, and healthy.
For the past few days he has just eaten the mysis I put in the tank for the fish/coral.
But today... he ate a small piece of food I had offered him. Yeah!
I am hoping that my mated pair of clownfish will take to him,
instead of the hammer and frogspawn they have been visiting....but with this - one can only hope!
I have placed him right in the center of the tank- creating a little nook just for him.
It appears he likes it because he has not moved yet. (that's a good thing!)
Well.... a good night to all of you, just wanted to share my newest, and one of my favorite, lil' friends in my reef tank!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Newest addition received for my mompack fillers:
Julie Moroni, provided me with simply a wonderful assortment of goodies:
*  She is a WildTree Representative email her at
* Send Out Cards -
* Motives Cosmetics -
* The Traveling Vineyard -
* The Passport Wine Club -
* Isotonix -

With an assortment like this ~ you are sure to find the perfect fit!
Contact Julie today! She also gives special discounts/freebies with these
fillers, get yours today to be included in the goodies!
Thanks Julie! I appreciate the fillers - and will send them out immediately!
Everyone: enjoy your evening......'Night!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

                        Ocala Reef Aquarium Fish Club 
                              Inaugural Meeting

Those that know me, know how much I love my "piece of the ocean". And that we travel to get to a good LFS that we trust. There are plenty of clubs around the US, but none here, in our immediate area. Bummed, I had done a search, and the closest to us was out in Tampa. After mulling it over for abit..... I decided that maybe I should just start my own club. For the reef lovers around me. Low and behold as I went to TanksALot in Ocala (by the was Bill's birthday on Friday- Happy Birthday to him!), I happened to be in line behind a gentleman starting a club in Ocala! So I (sorry) interrupted his conversation to ask some questions- and was glad I did.
Here is what is coming up:
Sunday March 7, 2010 at 3pm , Raul will be hosting the first meeting of the Ocala Reef Club. You will be able to meet representatives from the LFS, hear a presentation for the upcoming MACNA Reef Aquarium Conference in Orlando, hear what Ocala's FIRST Reef Club hopes to accomplish, meet and share experiences with fellow hobbyists, door prizes to be donated by LFS- as well as refreshments and the view of Raul's 65 gallon reef tank!
Here is the official flyer I grabbed while there....

This is your official invitation!!!

pass it on to anyone you know who lives in or around Ocala who is currently in the hobby, or thinking of becoming a reefer- the more the merrier!
Look forward to seeing you there-
Make sure to R.S.V.P. to Raul at 352-454-8524 by 3/1/2010 so he can get an estimated head count.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Today is my
Happy Birthday To Me!!
I have been absent for a few days,
I admit- sorry for that.
But when I logged on to my blog this morning,
I now have * 65 * following friends!
Such a nice gift! Thanks for following everyone!

Hope all those up north are staying as warm as they can!
As for me, I plan on working on my tan today (indoors of course!)
To get a jumpstart on the summer color I love so much!

Also, surfing the net for a new addition to my reef tank.
Since I mentioned earlier  that I had brought home a frogspawn and hammer mated pair of clownfish
have started hosting BOTH, alternating each night, frogspawn, then hammer, then back to frogspawn.
So to prevent unwanted stress to my corals, I am on the hunt for a haddoni anemone.
(because I simply don't want the GIANT magnificent anemone in my tank).
So I called Aquatropics last night to see what they have....and missed the one they just got in and sold.
So - on the look out for a nice, healthy saddleback carpet (haddoni) anemone..... any suppliers out there?

Wishing everyone a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing my birthday, and my posts-
Be Blessed in Life.....

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Looking for a gift to send a friend?
Try something different......
Texas Cowboy a jar!
These make beautiful gifts!
They taste similar to chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.

and enter Michelle Yingst as Your Distributor when placing your order.
What a thoughtful gift to send a friend........mmmmmmm....cookies!