Tuesday, April 19, 2016

I am feeling BEYOND BLESSED right now!!!

To Begin........ my campaign has reached the 1/2 way mark!!

I am so thrilled to be able to see the goal line on the horizon...I will be able to get it scheduled sooner than I ever could have imagined... PLEASE continue to SHARE my link - as I am still needing additional donations to reach my goal for the procedure.


Thank you to all who have been sharing thus far :) - your help is appreciated :)

Now....... For the MIXED EMOTIONAL part of this post, lol.

and did I mention EXCITED??
lol- (Drumroll please........)

Our son came home for a brief 24 hour visit with his adorably, beautiful girlfriend... to share with us the good news...in person. He has received new orders and is now being stationed overseas...for the next 2 1/2 years......

(wait for it.............)

In Hawaii !!!
I am SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED for this opportunity for him!!

You cannot possibly imagine the amount of PRIDE and HONOR I hold in my heart for my kid, and to know he has such an amazing experience coming to him...I am so happy for him.

So...... as a M.O.M. (a.k.a. Mother Of a Marine) , you know I have already begun planning care packages in my head, lol- I cannot let him be THAT far away without having a piece of HOME visit him and bring a smile to his face. - I will be at that Post Office more than the workers themselves I am sure, hahahaha.

Please share in my joy and wish him well on his New Journey.....

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Odd.... but relaxing.....

It's funny how things you haven't done in awhile find their way back into your life.
A friend recently got me back into crocheting....

Aaaannnd.... I have found myself migrating back to my yarn basket- to keep my mind off this throbbing situation with my broken tooth. It's odd that something so silly and insignificant as yarn can calm your thoughts when you need it most, lol. It is helping - not with the ever throb, throb, throb, that is visiting me throughout the day..

But it is helping to keep my mind clear of freaking out at the moment, lol.

I am currently in the midst of two blankets- (will post photos when complete- as they are going to be gifts for friends) .. can't do a photo-op just yet :) , lol

I am posting an UPDATE to my GOAL CAMPAIGN.
I am actively sharing with as many as possible- and keeping hopeful that this goal is attainable before anything else happens to the tooth... I am still babying it. But really need to get the procedure done immediately if possible.

Please share with family, friends and followers.... Thank you in advance - you are appreciated :)

CAMPAIGN UPDATE : Please visit and help me reach my goal: https://www.gofundme.com/bkxh5us4

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Sometimes.... Moms Need Help, Too

This is a plea to all my blogging family out there...

The crafty bloggers, the foodies, the moms who do it all., the gentlemen who fix it all... and to all those who are flipping the script and making their mark on the world...each and every one of you.

While I have not been actively posting - due to personal life reasons/situations- I have been lurking on your sites, reading your posts, enjoying your stories and recipes, - as I get all the updates tagged into my inbox :)  ...so while I may not be present in print... I am always here in heart :)

I have a confession to make...
I ...am...a....MOM... and ..
I ... need ... HELP.

I have recently started a campaign to try to raise funds for a surgery that I am needing- desperately needing.. and I am not able to get it accomplished by myself.
I need help.

As mentioned in my campaign... I had broken a tooth... I made an appointment to have it checked/fixed...and was babying the tooth until the appointment came up. But the weekend prior to the appointment- I chipped it more-  causing more damage.

I went to the appointment, in hopes that I could get this tooth fixed and go back to work and be on about my day.. you know us Moms, (and Dads, too :) ) - we juggle everything while keeping ourselves on the backburner . I was really hoping to just get in, get done, get on with my day...

Fast Forward to the end of the exam, after the x-rays, where I mentioned I was given the bad news / treatment plan. I am needing crown and bridgework. There is no saving this tooth with a mere filling the way it has broke. There would not be enough tooth to hold a filling. (and it is an eye tooth- not an option of pulling it) .. between this tooth, and what the dentist found of the surrounding teeth during the exam/x-rays - the crown and bridgework is the best option- least expensive of the two treatment options.

As mentioned also in my campaign- I do have insurance, which will take a chunk out of this costly surgery - however- the patient portion is very costly and I do not have the funds to move forward in scheduling this procedure.

I am seeking assistance from any and all who are in the position to help out- what may seem like something small and insignificant of a donation to you- I assure you I will be appreciative of every cent put towards this goal.  I am terrified that something worse will happen to the tooth before I can get this resolved.

Please.. I do ask that you share my campaign link with any and all of your followers and encourage them to do the same- I need to get this out and in front of as many as possible to reach my goal - this is my link:

I thank you for taking the time to read this- and I thank you for sharing with your friends, family, readers... this is truly important and is an emergent situation.

#praying4help #remainhopeful #stayingstrong #momsneedhelptoo