Thursday, February 3, 2011

1 Fish...2 Fish..... Ooooh! Ohhh Another Fish!

My clownfish larvae have gone through metamorphosis
and are now itty, bitty baby clownfish!
They -several of them - have gotten their first head stripe, while there are a few stragglers...they will be catching up soon enough :) And they are coloring up nicely.

They are the MOST adorable thing to watch .....they know when feeding time is, lol! As small as they are - they all gather at the surface for food, and they are eating very strongly :) A very good sign.

Right now I am feeding them Otohime - and they love it!

Now- they are very quick, lol..... so here is just a glimpse of a few that stayed on camera:

Also- here is a pic of my new baby Picasso Clowns....these are about 4 months old:

Have been looking for an anemone for the Picassos.....the baby Ocellaris are too small right now for an anemone, but they will have a few soon enough :) Waiting until they are about a month old before I transfer them into their growout tank. And will have several anemones in there for them to play with.

Have a Great TGIF everyone!