Saturday, June 7, 2014

Putting the ME back into the MOM......

Wow- talk about taking a break! lol - it has been a long time since I have been on my blog.
Time sure does seem to escape you when the day-to-day happenings seem to take unexpected turns. But...... with each new turn comes an untraveled path- some journeys are more than you could have expected- bringing happiness and joy- while others are a path that you just wish would merge into something better.

I have been on a personal endeavor to become more fit. With our son away (he is now a United States Marine- OORAH!) .... well, with him gone- I am finding myself going through that 'empty nest' syndrome, lol. I am lucky enough to see him when he has time to visit- as he is not stationed overseas (yet) - but when he is not home..... what to do ... what to do..... that is the question.

After being a MOM for 20yrs, it feels like a piece of ME has left. What do I do to occupy myself? There's only so much you can 'find' to do around the house. And to be honest- I haven't 'focused' on myself in quite a long time. Always putting other things first- our son, the house, cars, bills- you know how it goes. When you're a Mom..... you're no longer just You.

Well- to get back into 'me' - I started working out again- I really do enjoy it. Not only the benefits of working out/becoming healthier, more fit- but the clarity. If ever you need to clear you mind from whatever it is that seems to be overwhelming you- go to a gym- pop your earbuds in -play your favorite music and tune into YOU- tuning all that negativity OUT.

So..... since my work schedule is presently hectic- not a normal 8-5 type - I find it hard to get to and maintain a show up status at the gym. I LOVE going to the gym- using all the others working out as motivation to get me pumped up about working out- but when you miss a day or two here and there- you slip back into the slump and find yourself not doing anything.

The FIX: .... (insert imaginary drum roll here)...... P90X.
I FINALLY ordered this workout - I have been sitting there watching it on tv for so long- saying: "I want to try that" for too long- made no sense NOT to get it. And I'm glad I did.
I am currently on Day 7 (today is supposed to be Rest day- but I am already planning on pushing play on another dvd...... because it's just that FUN!) My stats have been updated on one of the forums I use- and can't wait to see what the next update brings :)

I am planning on maintaining this through to the end- to challenge myself with the results I KNOW are going to be there... then- when finished- do it all over again, keeping it a part of my daily routine in the pursuit of becoming a better ME, healthier, happier, toned and in shape- looking forward to my journey down this path :)