Friday, December 31, 2010

New Year's Eve Babies.....

Mamma & Pappa Clown laid more eggs....  they began to hatch Dec. 30, 2010 after the lights were turned off at 10pm.....with last hatchlings coming up from the terra cotta pot at 11:51pm.
Originally there were 453 eggs... (yup... I counted them, lol).
Each new lay will bring more and more eggs. So I was curious to see where my brood pair was in their count. Not all the eggs will survive, as the parents pick them off if they are not viable eggs.
So the ones that hatched last night are doing well today, being Day #1 Post Hatch.
They are being fed rotifers and baby brine shrimp enriched with a special vitamin, phytoplankton blend and fatty acid.
The babies are on a feeding schedule of every 2-3 hours. And are swimming about very happily.

Here are the babies as of today:

Friday, December 24, 2010

To our loving and extremely loyal dog, Ceasar, that we had to put down yesterday morning due to a cancerous tumor that quickly caused his deteriorization,
we will miss you and RIP.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Merry Christmas Scraps
Christmas scraps, graphics, animate gif images

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Hope all is well.
I have been Sooooo Busy it seems like ages since I have been on here!
Hmm... where to begin?
I am looking forward to the Christmas break-
Have a few recipes to try that are new...
and a few that are tried and true :)
You know the ones, every year you just 'have' to have that special creation.
Well, as one of my 'new' recipes this year-
I am making apple butter -to give
away as a gift to the Doctors and Office Staff.
Mmmmm.... can't wait!
Today I brought home an adorable purple tip branching frogspawn (frag)
with 2 heads.... nice coloration- and great tissue - no bare spots- very
thick and healthy.
We had our lovely Christmas Meeting
(for the Reef club- M.O.R.E)
and everyone had a nice time.
Thank You to Jim and Gail Fitzpatrick for hosting the Decdember Meeting!

The January meeting will be hosted by
Finn & Gils Aquatic Retreat
(Ocala, FL)

Have a very busy weekend coming up-
making pumpkin rolls, Christmas cookies,
gift soaps/bath baskets....
Oh the joy of the holidays!

I wish you all a Safe & Happy Holiday!