Friday, September 10, 2010

1 fish 2 fish Red fish Blue fish.......

If it were only as simple as a nursery book, lol!

Well -my third clutch of baby clownfish should be hatching around Sept.13th or 14th.
I am going to make sure I get plenty of rest next time around by doing things abit differently.
First off, I have placed a mini terra cotta pot into the tank, the same night they laid the current batch of eggs. They are still laying on the back wall - but the female has been in and out of the pot several times a day- cleaning it, pecking it, rubbing against it. So hopefully she will lay the next set of eggs in the pot... then I will be able to move the pot of eggs to the larval tank- as opposed to sitting up all night and syphoning out invisible larvae, lol!

I am very excited to get past my first week post far I have gotten to day #6 after the little buggers first managed to squiggle their way into my world. That was as far as it has gone. I am working on getting the batches past the first week, through the metamorphosis stage- with helpful tips from the guys and gals on the MBI forum and of course on Reef Central and Captive Reefs.

I am eager to see the entire process through to the end!

For those that have been keeping tabs on my thread over at Reef Central - be sure you are following it now- there are CHANGES BEING MADE- new posts, new information- so check it out:
Reef Central : Chelle's Ocean
 And be sure you pass it on to ANYONE who is in the saltwater hobby. Whether they are selling or fragging- they need to know what's going on with this, and what the outcome will be. Many are now involved... so....... stop by for a visit.
(But I warn you.....
 grab a cup of coffee and a danish before logging on, lol, it's a long thread!)

Have a great evening everyone- and be sure to remember to click on the icon in the upper right of my screen when reading the daily posts, if you haven't already.

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