Sunday, November 6, 2011 already?

Hard to believe the Holidays are just around the corner.
Where did this year go? Seems the older my son gets, the quicker the days fly by.

Well... with the cooler weather comes.. yup - you guessed it : Baking.

The pumpkin rolls, the apple pies, the sausage stuffing with feta cheese...Yum!
{the stuffing is courtesy of hubby...he makes the BEST holiday stuffing :) }

I cannot wait for Thanksgiving, (and Christmas, lol),  knowing that we will gorge ourselves on all the tasty traditions and yumminess the Holidays will bring. I have been working out over the past several months. Have slowed a bit in routine, but plan on cracking the whip this week, getting back on track.
I need to make room for turkey, sweet potatoes with caramelized walnut topping (Yum), baked delights...and of course, the buttery whipped mashed potatoes (my cryptonite) haha.

If I am going to go all out and enter the Carb-Zone...then I have to kick ass in the gym now- and stay with it. (lol-'cuz I will NEVER give up potatoes or stuffing during the Holidays, hahahaha!)

So- back to my regimen, this week I will be making my Awesome Crock Pot Chicken, to have throughout the week. Getting up early to work out at home, while hitting the gym after work. I LOVE the Spin Class I go to at Compass Gym- Niki is the BEST instructor, kicks your butt into shape. If you are in the area- give her a try : Compass Gym, Ocala - Hip Hop Spin Class. You will Sweat your butt off and lose some serious poundage!! :)

Ok - Happy Fall to all of you!

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 I have been lurking in the background popping in at your blogs here and there, keep up the good work everyone!


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