Sunday, June 3, 2012

Such a relaxing day.

Started the day off with the yummi-licious scent of Banana Nut Crumb Muffins in the oven - yum!
I got the recipe from my fav site, All Recipes - and only tweaked it by adding crushed walnuts ( I LOVE walnuts)  and mini chocochips to 1/2 the batch for the boys.
All you need is a cold glass of milk and you are SET lol!

Did bascially nothing today- except pay bills after breakfast, (always a must do haha)
and take time for myself to lounge by the pool for abit.

 Have not done that in awhile, so it was nice to get out there.
Of course now I have ruined my tan lines (lol, from all that indoor tanning).

But it was soooooooo relaxing to be in the warmth of the sun, music playing in the background - getting my Hawaiian Tropic tan on, :)

The quick chill from jumping in and plummeting to the bottom of the pool added a bit of hydration that was needed as I usually tend to spend hours in the hot sun when I do lay out- I sometimes forget to replenish my skin. (but I had plenty of water to drink:) )

All in all- it has been a nice day- of doing nothing, something I don't ever do.
Looking forward to work this week - LOTS to be done, lol.

This weekend I am looking into a possible fish exploration...maybe New Port Richey as I have yet to visit the shop down there..... hmmm... yes, maybe :)

Have a great week everyone - enjoy it !

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  1. These muffins look so good! I love anything banana nut. I found you on Social Moms:)