Sunday, October 7, 2012

The outcome.....
Delicious :)
(and I don't even like pork ribs that much, lol)
I make them for the guys.
Started off with a dry rub -
placed on LOW for 7hrs
Drained all from crock-
Then added the meat and onions
back into the crockery,
and topped off with about 2/3 of the sauce I made.
Let that sit on HI for about 30minutes.
Then popped it into the oven to make sure all was yummy
and thickened up-
baked right alongside the garlic and herb parmsean biscuits.
What else sat beside this meaty concoction on my plate?
Mashed potatoes of course!
Mmmmm.......... belly's full, time for a walk.

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