Sunday, July 17, 2016

Team BeachBody is about to release a NEW fitness program called Country Heat!!

It's a "Country Inspired" dance cardio program!
The workouts are 27-30 minutes long and the program lasts 30 days!!

🌀 You do not have to be coordinated to do this workout!
🌀 There is NO choreography to learn
🌀 It has a KILLER portion controlled meal plan
🌀 You can actually try the SNEAK PEEK workout tomorrow on BeachBody OnDemand!!

Wait!! What was that? YES! You can try Country Heat TOMORROW on BeachBody OnDemand !!
Seriously - how can you NOT want to try that ?
For literally PENNIES a day .. $2.99 a week.. you can be a member of the Team BeachBody CLUB....
Streaming 100's of programs and workouts OnDemand!!
Seriously .. $2.99 a week breaks down to LESS than a bag a chips a day from the vending machine at work!
Put your pennies to better use for your body!  And check it out NOW!

****** Get a 24-hour sneak peek of Autumn’s ‘Down and Dirty’ workout from Country Heat, available EXCLUSIVELY on Beachbody On Demand. ***PLUS***  Be one of 5 WINNERS to receive $1,000 AND a base kit by uploading a video of you trying the workout onto your Instagram or Twitter with the hashtags #CountryHeat and #Contest .

Visit below to start your membership to the Club TONIGHT and to get details on the 100's of other programs you will have access to!!


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          Are YOU Ready To Turn Up The Heat?!

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