Friday, April 23, 2010

Something Simple......but Oh So Good!

I LOVE using my crockpot- it is so simple, just throw everything in- and BAM! You have a meal.
The other day I tossed in some chicken breast, thinkly sliced onion, jar of medium salsa, and simmered on low for the day. I then shredded the meat, and put it back into the crock to absorb the juices, and Mmmm this is so delish! Served with fajita stlye rice, (but I also made mashed potatoes the next day and ate the chicken with the potatoes- WAY better!)

This weekend I might make some slow-cooked pork-as my son loves that!

I am going to take advantage of this beautiful weather we have going on- and get outdoors for my walks.
Have been staying in taking care of a few projects, and I miss being out in the sun. So, I plan on at least an hour this afternoon just for walking. May even go to the park.

For everyone interested............and local, please feel free to join our next meeting for the Marion Ocala Reef Enthusiasts Club. We will be meeting on May 16th, 3:00pm - hosted this month by Ian.
 Email me for specifics and I will give you directions to Ian's.
Very excited about this- each meeting seems to grow more in attendance, and we are going to be doing DIY projects and frag swaps/auctions, not to mention fragging sessions in the near future. Very happy our club has been established- thanks again Raul!


  1. Aren't slow cookers the best! I LOVE using ours, but haven't used it in ages.

    Found you on Twittermoms Blog Following Network!

  2. I love my crockpot too...I often make lasagna in it all the time and comes out great. I am following you...follow me at