Sunday, May 2, 2010

Today was scheduled for a committee meeting - for our Reef Club.
We covered several topics, to be discussed further in detail at our next couple of meetings.
Everything is looking great - we have a nice build up of members-to-be so far.
Our next meeting is scheduled to be at Ian's home- again, if you wish to get further information, please jump onto our forum:
and look under Kingnai's post. He has a nice DIY project he will be demonstrating...but I'm not gonna tell ya what it is.....
you have to go to the forum to find out!
Again, as always, if anyone in the area is interested, please feel free to come visit and join our club.
We'd love to have you!

I am in the process of trying to catch a few fish from my these little buggers know I am wanting them out and they are making it very hard. These are sneaky sneaky fish!
I will be posting between fish catching, so feel free to comment as usual- and I will get right back to you!

I went to one of the LFS today, to pick up a green bubble tip anemone, for my clowns, BUT the silly little thing would not be bought! He pulled himself so far into the rock, that (Connor) the fish guy said he would try while I was at the meeting....but no luck- still hiding in the rock. So I moved my small pearl white bubble tip to the biocube in the bedroom, and we will see if the clowns like it.

I am in the process also of fragging out some more coral. I will post photos of these when they have been given ample time to attach themselves to the plugs/rocks - and ready to deliver or ship.
All prices will be stated with each photo- so if you have any questions, you know I am only an email away.

I wish everyone a great evening, I am getting to all my TwitterMoms, promise! I will be on there tomorrow, to play catch up again. Thanks for following and I will see you tomorrow!

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  1. Hi Chelle! Just found you on Twitter mom and following you now. Cant believe it... Im in Ocala too!!! Cool!