Sunday, May 13, 2012

Has been a LONG while since I have posted, but I have been lurking around reading other posts here and there - in between everything LIFE has been tossing at me, lol.

So, ...............Hello Friends. Hope all of you are doing well.

To recap:
 have lost several fish and all my coral during moving my tanks- so I am starting anew.

The sole survivors...
 * my Picasso Pair from ProAquatix
 * my Ocellaris Pair from ORA
 * a Male Mandarin - wild caught
 * a newly acquired pair of Banggai Cardinals from Ocala Aquariums (wild caught)

I have put the soap making on the back burner for awhile, and will be taking up a new hobby that has sparked my interest , which I will be posting here as I get further into it. Right now, I am just getting my feet wet. This is due to a coworker at work who has given me the curiousity bug haha and now I am curious to say the least :)

I L.O.V.E. my new position - (my place of employment has chosen to outsource, so they have given notice to all the employees, and encouraged us to find something new, as they will no longer be keeping the staff on hand) - so as luck would have it, I am now back IN town, working closer to home, and enjoying being home more. *Not to mention saving TONS of $$$ on gas! lol

My son is on his last week of highschool this week -
with Graduation around the corner.
WOW - I am still dealing with that, lol! I cannot believe my little baby has grown up to be the wonderful, handsome, intelligent, did I mention gorgeous? young man that he is. Time has certainly sped up in the last few years- with each blink I feel I have been cheated of time - but it is here, and he is excited to begin his life, college, work, his own place, the whole nine yards. And as much as I want to hold him close and protect him from anything and everything in Life- I want to encourage him to be and do anything and everything he wants, without hesitation, without fear. I want him to enjoy his Life and get everything from it his heart can want.

I am back on here, to be posting more, trying to be more frequent on Facebook, YouTube, and Bodybuilding - not to mention several fish forums, - so pop in , drop me a line, talk to you all soon :)

Ok- 'nite for now, wishing everyone a Very Blessed and Happy Mother's Day -

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