Sunday, March 4, 2012


Life has been soooo hectic lately- but hoping it will calm down soon enough.
Listing many items on ebay to clear out the garage- ha! always a plus when you can clean out the garage :)

Gearing up for a walk / jog this afternoon- if my back decides to work with me, lol- pulled something out of whack yesterday- thinking the walk may help.... hopefully won't aggrevate it.

This month is very busy- with my son having exams - then Spring Break- then PROM :) I just want to press PAUSE on Life and enjoy the time- it is going by so quickly.

Also excited for our trip this week- our local reef club has the opportunity to tour the Aquaculture Facility at UF : can't wait to see it !
Then we have our 2 year Anniversary Meeting for M.O.R.E.

Such a busy month, lol! Looking forward to April and relaxing :)

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