Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Odd.... but relaxing.....

It's funny how things you haven't done in awhile find their way back into your life.
A friend recently got me back into crocheting....

Aaaannnd.... I have found myself migrating back to my yarn basket- to keep my mind off this throbbing situation with my broken tooth. It's odd that something so silly and insignificant as yarn can calm your thoughts when you need it most, lol. It is helping - not with the ever throb, throb, throb, that is visiting me throughout the day..

But it is helping to keep my mind clear of freaking out at the moment, lol.

I am currently in the midst of two blankets- (will post photos when complete- as they are going to be gifts for friends) .. can't do a photo-op just yet :) , lol

I am posting an UPDATE to my GOAL CAMPAIGN.
I am actively sharing with as many as possible- and keeping hopeful that this goal is attainable before anything else happens to the tooth... I am still babying it. But really need to get the procedure done immediately if possible.

Please share with family, friends and followers.... Thank you in advance - you are appreciated :)

CAMPAIGN UPDATE : Please visit and help me reach my goal:

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