Saturday, February 27, 2010

I would like to introduce the newest member of my lil' ocean.......Monty!

On the 20th, I brought home a lovely green carpet anemone.
He is strikingly beautiful. Very full, ruffly, and healthy.
For the past few days he has just eaten the mysis I put in the tank for the fish/coral.
But today... he ate a small piece of food I had offered him. Yeah!
I am hoping that my mated pair of clownfish will take to him,
instead of the hammer and frogspawn they have been visiting....but with this - one can only hope!
I have placed him right in the center of the tank- creating a little nook just for him.
It appears he likes it because he has not moved yet. (that's a good thing!)
Well.... a good night to all of you, just wanted to share my newest, and one of my favorite, lil' friends in my reef tank!

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  1. Wow he is beatutiful thank you for sharing.