Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Newest addition received for my mompack fillers:
Julie Moroni, provided me with simply a wonderful assortment of goodies:
*  She is a WildTree Representative email her at jamoroni2@aol.com
* Send Out Cards - http://www.twofreecards.com/
* Motives Cosmetics - http://www.motivescosmetics4u.com/
* The Traveling Vineyard - www.myttv.com/julianne5587
* The Passport Wine Club - http://www.juliemoroni.com/
* Isotonix -  http://www.wellnessprograms4hp.com/

With an assortment like this ~ you are sure to find the perfect fit!
Contact Julie today! She also gives special discounts/freebies with these
fillers, get yours today to be included in the goodies!
Thanks Julie! I appreciate the fillers - and will send them out immediately!
Everyone: enjoy your evening......'Night!


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