Sunday, July 4, 2010

Summer Contest #2 is underway......
this is proudly sponsored by none other than SimplyMeltAway.
Kandi Taxel is donating a 12 pack of her melting tarts....
that's a full dozen of fresh made smell-oh-so-good melting tarts!
I have sampled three from her line:
Clean Breeze {which smells like Downy}(always a winner!)
Tropical Blast {my own private getaway!}
Apple Pie {come on, I need to say anything  on this one...

This is what the tarts look like.....
And measure just under 2 1/2 inches wide.

They melt clean, no bits or chunks remaining in the warmer....

And the scent that fills the room is so wonderful. I had planned on putting one in the living room, and one in each of the bedrooms. But it turned out to work with just the 1 tart at a time- the scent that is thrown from these little guys is incredible - filling the entire house.

I am very pleased that Kandi is part of my contest giveaways, you will find her link to the right top corner of my blog, giving thanks to my contest sponsors!

Please take a moment to visit her shop, Simply Melt Away ,
and let her know what you think.
She also included several business cards and postcards, to which I will be adding to my mompacks.
I am including one be sure to take advantage of the offer:
1 FREE Full Sized Tart with any order!

All you have to do is mention this card & add your scent choice in the
comments box when checking out - how cool is that?!
So place an order, and try a free tart in a different scent.
The best of both !

Contest Reminder:
You must be a follower to be entered into the contest.
 So be sure to follow!


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