Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Today is, like any other day, cleaning day. I am planning on going for my afternoon walk, so I like to get everything done ahead of time-to be able to actually enjoy the walk...and not think about laundry, dishes, etc when I get home.
Right now.... my house smells so wonderfully clean! Almost too clean, haha...
While doing my usual house chores, I popped in one of my tarts from Simply Melt Away - Clean Breeze - which is similar to a Downy type of scent. I love this scent, it is just such a fresh,clean scent.
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I came across a video on youtube.......because I am always looking for different things to try, and thought I'd share with you...........
Apple Dumplings from Betty's Kitchen

I am definitely going to make these, but I think I will add crushed walnuts to the brown sugar, and possibly serve with vanilla bean ice cream....or butter pecan...or both!

She truly is a southern sweetheart. You will just love her videos. I am sending this and a few others to a couple friends of mine, who, eh-hem.... don't cook, you just can't get any easier than watching a recipe!
Feel free to post comments, I am sure Betty would love to see the love here!

Have a great afternoon everyone!
Be Happy....Be Healthy.....Namaste

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