Monday, August 23, 2010

Clownfish Journal Entry....

Culturing microscopic food to feed to barely visible fish...... on less than a few hours of, I am surprised I can see anything at all! The first hatch started at 12:20am on August 21, 2010-
with the last of the larvae hatching out at 7am. No sleep that night!

The second hatch was not as successful- falling prey to a snooping turbo snail.

So the 21 that we have so far are survivors. Doing well.... only time will tell as to how many survive through metamorphosis. I am on several forums, and one member in particular, Tal Sweet,  has a site that has been very informative: FishTal Propagations . If you are interested, in breeding clownfish- I suggest you take a look at his site - or even Breeding Clownfish .
You will get a general idea of what to look for....and what you are getting yourself into! It definitely requires time and effort.... and alot of research.

So for now, the larvae are swimming and be-bopping along.
As each day goes by, I am hoping they all will make it through the metamorphosis stage, and transform into the clumsy little Nemo look-alikes that are so adorable!

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