Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Friday the 13th to all!!!

So what freakishly odd things have happened to you this week?
Me?........Oh, I was almost annihilated by Monti!
Lol, for those that know.... Monti is my green haddoni carpet anemone.
I was in the tank this week, trying to delicately pull out a blue mushroom
that had fallen into a cave below....when all of a sudden Monti decided to stretch out.
He caught contact with me, and that was that!
Haddoni's are very good at keeping what they catch, lol!
So he definitely put up a good little fight.
While I slowly and carefully tried to remove my hand,
he was quick to close in and wrap around my hand and wrist....
I eventually had to pull a bit more to get free...
Absolutely no harm done.....but whew!
He scared the ba-jeezes outta me!

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    Hope you get more friends here, and also hope to see you again next week.
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