Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Time to Rewind.........

Well- it happened again- even though I told myself it wouldn't, lol. The holidays came and went, leaving the leftovers of everything I gorged on - turkey, ham, potatoes, pumpkin roll- oh my goodness how did I eat all that?

So- as I (and others, lol) have noticed that I was getting "fluffier"- to say the least, :) - I have restarted a gym membership. I am now going to Dynabody here in town. Have to ease my way back into it as I have been on a hiatus the past few months- but I have a Gung-Ho plan of action in getting back to where I was, then tone from there.

I cannot believe how quickly the carbs stick to me, lol! Amazing! They are definitely my criptonite, lol.

So- it is back to clean eating- less soda, more water-hitting the gym after work and on weekends - and taking my new found fav : Cuts, by Universal Nutrition. - I love this stuff! You see the pounds literally melt from you. It is incredible!

 (if you are looking for something to help tone up- grab a container of Cuts- you won't regret it, lol! )

And join a forum- great support! I use Bodybuilding - excellent group of people- always encouraging and helping getting you to your goals.

New Year - gotta try to stick to my weight goals a little longer this time, haha- darn those carbs. They do always find a way back into my life.

Today's goal : no carbs, if possible
                        Gym : 2 hours (mix of cardio and weights)
                        30 minute walk around the lake this evening

What are your healthy weight goals for this year? Anyone trying to lose, tone, get fit, or just eat healthier? Share some of your thoughts and plans of action with the rest of us :)

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