Monday, February 20, 2012

As far as my aqualife goes.....all my pairs are doing well, eating, growing - getting stronger & healthier. I cannot wait for the next stream of eggs to be laid, so I can jump back into it :) My pairs are pretty much all around the same age - with the exception of my Banggai's and Maroons - so all the clowns should start to lay togther, or within a relatively close time frame.
The Banggai's are doing well, and I have started  putting a blog togther for them also, to keep their info separate from the clownfish. They are fun to watch :) I am watching the male like a hawk to see if he is carrying the eggs yet, but he likes to play hide and seek, lol
As time has it, Spring is in the air, haha , so I am Spring Cleaning - check out my ebay listings - I am clearing out alot of what I do not use anymore, or just do not have a use for. Some are old, some new, some borrowed, and some never opened. Enjoy looking. I will try to post something new each day.
Have a great Monday - Happy Presidents Day everyone

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