Monday, March 1, 2010

It's Reggae Monday!
I love reggae music, some of my favorites are Sean Paul, Mr. Vegas, Patra- and of course Buju Banton....
Here is just a sampling, this is what I have intertwined into my iPod while on my walks. Keeps me going!
TODAY...I was walking my daily 2.6 miles, when I got a call. (I don't usually use my phone, just keep it in case of emergency) I didn't feel like I did anything since I was just walking at a normal pace while talking. So, after our convo - I turned around and REDID my walk, for a total of 5.2 miles - felt MUCH better!
So thanks to my caller.... you helped whittle a bit more from my waistline!  I love walking in the sun- I wait until about noon, when it's nice and warm- keeps me in a good mood to motivate me to keep going.
So..... who else got up and moved today?
Take a moment to refresh your iPod list.... get outdoors ...and enjoy this beautiful weather!
(Unless, of course, you are up north with all that snow...
then keep the sunshine in your heart and hit the gym!)
Much love.....

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