Thursday, May 6, 2010

                               Citrus Three Style
                               Wrestling Team

Hey there everyone! This is a proud wrestling mom
offering you the newest in fundraising madness!
This little card- the size of a credit card- is good for
discounts WHEREVER you are!
That's right! You simply plug your zipcode in
on the online site, and it will give you a
list of places to save that are local to your area, and MORE!
Enjoy Savings NOW on
Dining * Movies * Shopping * Recreation * FUN
with "members only" discounts to thousands of locations,
near you and around the WORLD!
What could be better?
Get one for yourself.
Get one for a college student- who could always use a discount!
The cards only cost $20, and
that is supporting the actual wrestlers!
Please order one today.
Just click the Buy Now Button on the left!
Thanks for Your Support!!


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