Saturday, May 28, 2016

Aaaaannnnd....... It's official......

Today marks the official countdown to our son's return home! :)
Today (as mentioned in earlier posts) - he has begun his journey on the next phase of his military career.
He is currently en route to the Hawaiian base- that he will call home for the next 2 years..


Words cannot justify how proud, excited, deliriously happy I am for him ..
ok - well maybe words can accurately describe it, haha, if I could just pick one... or two.. or a handful!
I am just so excited- I cannot wait to see the experiences he will encounter [outside from his work duty, of course].. to be this young and be able to enjoy such a phenomenal piece of beauty - the beaches, the mountains, the culture.. it is simply incredible, and I am beyond blessed to know that he is able to be a part of all of it :)

Please share with us in Wishing him Safe Travels, and a GREAT Experience !!


As we start off to a  beautiful three day weekend [ aside from the possible Hurricane coming, lol]..
Remember that Memorial Day is to honor the Military personnel who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for their country.. Please take a moment to Honor them. Think of the Sacrifice they have made... that their families have made- in order for you to be able to enjoy your weekend .. and every day after that....
Please enjoy the weekend, but be safe, and be Honored to live among those who were lucky enough to have loved those who served... and fallen.

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