Tuesday, May 31, 2016


The WATER CHALLENGE to kick all other water challenge butts!
 lol.... Seriously though... while the MAIN reason for the past weekend and yesterday - being Memorial Day - the main reason is to Honor the Men and Women who have sacrificed their lives for our country.. while we do Honor them in mind and heart...
.... (Thank you to them all) ....
Let's be honest .... some also Honor this 3-day weekend with our bodies. The picnics and BBQ's..the get-togethers and the "just stopping by to say Hi's" as you reach your hand out to greet a friend and their mom puts a loaded plate in your hand and says "Eat up...it's good for you" , lol
While all this is going on , the food, the drinks, the desserts, the snacks, the chips, the dips, ... the bloating, the heartburn, the agita.

It's time to get off this crazy rollercoaster and refresh your body... :):)

The weekend is over... MAY is over... Let's welcome June into the picture, by cleansing all the junk we gut-loaded our bodies with ... "How?" you say? ...

Simple.. Take the Water Challenge...
* It's Free to participate ...
(aside from the $1 jug of water you buy-and refill at home)
* It's pure.. no toxins or additives
* The benefits of drinking water are NUMEROUS - just pick the one that speaks to you
*By taking the Gallon Water Challenge- there are NO cups to count or measure- just your jug.
 How much simpler can that be?
*You can make it fun by marking YOUR own goals on the container! .. Make it INTERESTING!
Challenge others to do it with you  - friends, families, co-workers:
You know they ALL were eating a little extra over the weekend, lol - you can hear them with the "Ugh's" as they get out of their chair to walk to the copier...or to grab the remote control, hahaha

Do something GOOD for yourself, Take the Water Challenge!

 I'm doing it.......
Private Message me if you will be as well..  I would love to chat with you!
And to see just how many are willing to do something great for themselves!!
Feel free to Post your pics to the page found on my Facebook page : ChellesKarma:
- how it is going..
-how you are feeling...
-what YOUR jug looks like...
-and tag who you invited!

Come on everybody! Let's make this a HUGE Challenge- with everyone participating... and Kick the other Water Challenge Butts!!
Challenge :
June 1st ... Drink 1 Gallon of water
June 2nd ...Drink 1 Gallon of water
June 3rd ... Drink 1 Gallon of water
What?? A 3 Day Challenge- Oh You So Got This!


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