Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Aaaaaaaannndddd my visit is over 😔

Had a wonderful surprise over the weekend.... last visit before our son leaves for Hawaii...
I won't get to see him again, til he returns in 2 years... so you know how much it meant to me to be able to see him, and hug him before he leaves 😊😊💖💖

I am sooo thrilled for him, and hope he gets to enjoy everything available to him that this opportunity may bring. I cannot imagine being his age and being able to experience this....

The Volcanoes, The Beaches, The Islands...The Culture...The Food.... THE FISH!!
 Oh the beautiful FISH he will see in the ocean!!!
... (yes..my heart just skipped a beat, lol... remember... #saltwaterreefer here, lol)

YES... I know he will be working , lol ... but when he is not... what an AMAZING opportunity!

As mentioned , I am already planning "MCP's" , lol... Mom Care Packages...
To bring a bit of home to him while he is gone...

Loved seeing both my kid and his beautiful girlfriend while home... I wish both of them strength, endurance and success as they embark on their individual journeys relating to their jobs... while still maintaining a beautiful connection to each other.. they truly are such an adorable couple.
(yes, I am biased..... who wouldn't be? lol)

Such a bittersweet feeling churning inside me, lol-
But... on the flip side.. it is my kid.. the only-est one I have, lol... so ya know I got the Mom thing going inside too, hahaha...

Putting that feeling on the backburner though so I can be as happy for him as I can -
I cannot WAIT to see photos of his journey...


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