Thursday, November 19, 2009

And here we go.......!

I am so psyched - tonight we had our parent meeting for the wrestling team. Shirt orders...check! Food selections....check! Flower Fundraiser..... you gotta get in on this! For those of you who are not aware: the Flower Fundraiser is a coupon card you purchase for $20- You bring the card in to the Inverness floral shop (on Apopka) and EVERY month you get a free bouquet of flowers!
Roses, Tulips, Carnations, Mixed flowers - EVERY month is different, this goes on ALL YEAR ROUND! For only a (1) time donation of $20.00 you get a beautiful arrangement every month- keep it for yourself, give it as a gift, brighten someone's day with a bouquet- you can't go wrong!
 We also are getting geared up for our Tournament @ Springstead on Saturday----------------we're planning on kick'in some butt! Go 'Canes!!!
Kudos to the Coaches & parents that are helping out... you are appreciated!

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