Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A-Brining We Will Go...

Well.....the turkey and turkey breasts are in the fridge, sitting in a nice brining bath. Soaking up the buttery, sugary, salty goodness that is mixed in with the spices. On to getting everything else in motion for the big day. (this is actually my first year of doing EVERYTHING as hubby usually always cooks the meal and I do the baking. So in addition to my apple pie, caramel apple crumb cheesecake, and traditional pumpkin rolls- I will also be doing the turkey, potatoes, stuffing, etc.etc.etc....
Hubby will be home this weekend from being OTR, so we will have a later celebration than normal.
I probably won't be on for the next two days....unless I post inbetween baking cookies and making cheesecake- so to everyone: Happy Thanksgiving! Be Blessed! ~'Chelle

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