Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Today I played hookie.......

Well, today I took the day off ( it's cool...Friday is my last day anyway), to spend time with our son and my husband (OTR driver) - he's home for the next few days. My son & I also went to grandma/grandpa's house to visit - and to my surprise ..... my niece was there. Who, by the way, made the best roasted pumpkin seeds from a pumpkin that she carved herself. Way to go Jaiden Rei! Mmmm. . . . Toasty! Also when we came back home I decided to try the Banana Nut Bread Spread recipe, after finding the recipe from another blogger (Thanks Cyn!) I then went online and found a step by step guide : on how to do it without a hitch. Everything went perfectly smooth...right down to hearing all the little 'pings' from my lids after they were sealing themselves. What now? I have to wait 24 hours before doing anything with them. So I have them hiding in a cabinet for safe keeping. I will post pictures when they are labeled and ready to go! But let me tell you- I used the remaining mixture that didn't fit into the jars as a "taste test batch"- mmm can't wait to dig into this. I may even warm it up and spoon it over oatmeal or grapenut cereal in the morning..... YUM! Hey Jaiden Rei..... I am looking forward to walking the trail with you! I will call you to check your schedule: I know how busy you are - being an 8 year old is tough! Gotta pencil me in your schedule! Much love, hugs & kisses- Aunt 'Chelle

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