Thursday, November 26, 2009

Oh the PAIN....the AGONY.....the FULL TUMMY.....

Wow - you would think that after saying "I'm too full" oh, like half a dozen times would have made me NOT go for seconds, thirds, lost count after the pie. I am SO FULL that I can't even breathe! Let alone blog here - but I wanted to jump online and wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and be safe and pig out on your most favorite dish! (mine: sweet potatoes) mmmmmmmmmmmmm....... well, I know what I'm having for breakfast! (can't wait for hubby to try the pie..... actually turned out pretty delish-  a new recipe called for red wine to be mixed in with the sugar- I didn't have I used 1/2 a bottle of those itty bitty bottles (you know - the ones at ABC) - MANGO RUM. Really does add a good flavor to the apples. mmmmm......pie is calling - my tummy can't resist...oh what the heck-  the holidays DO NOT count as diet days, right?! lol - Night to all, getting up early to hit the Black Friday sales.

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