Thursday, November 19, 2009

Turkey Day is on it's way!!!!

Can't even WAIT for the stuffing..... the sweet potatoes..... the apple pie goodness that awaits just right around the corner!
This year will be a bit different.... as hubby will be returning from over the road the weekend of Thanksgiving, so we will be celebrating again when he gets home. For the time being- it will be my son & I- oh the cooking and baking we have in store for us! I have decided to make a few extra pumpkin rolls and hand them out to close friends. That is ALWAYS a sweet treat!
 I have been online looking at new recipes, and came across a caramel apple pie cheescake? Seriously will need to give that one a try.  The diet has officially been tossed out the window for the next week.... will have to start from ground zero AFTER the last bit of turkey has been gobbled up. MMMM...... so craving a stuffing/turkey/mashed potato sandwich right now!

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