Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Ahhh the sweet taste of Honey....

I came across another great find while wondering around , this is such a sweet deal ~ that I thought I would share and help spread some Etsy Love!
I purchased a bottle of Honey Powder from Kathy at Basil and Things - you can find her by following this link: . There is such a wide selection of spices, whether you are looking for something Sweet......a bit Bold (check out the Hot and Peppery section).....or in the mood to try a Special Blend. They also have a few gift ideas...the holidays are coming up~ do you have everyone on your list crossed off yet?  Didn't think pop on in to Basil and Things and give it a look around..... Add some SPICE to your life!
Here is the link again:  and here is my Honey Powder. mmmmmmm.

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