Monday, December 28, 2009

I love going to the post office and coming back with goodies!
Today I received more fillers from my fellow mompackers:

Pat Chavez, who is an Independent Educational Consultant for
Usborne Books & More, has sent a wonderful array of bookmarks-
which include her website :
  as well as her contact info:
She even gives a special discount on the back!

Also,  I am sure you all remember Tiffany McCauley, from my previous
review of  her website: -
 has sent her business information from :
- The leading cookie resource for home bakers!
- Recipes, baking tips & more...there's even a special recipe included!
(Betcha don't have this one!)

To be sure you are kept up to date, and partake in all the wonderful goodies that are available...remember to sign up to follow my blog and send me a message to order  your mompack today!

Thank You for sharing ladies!

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