Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How did that happen??
Well, it's been confirmed..... I GAINED extra weight from Christmas.
Oh, well- back to the drawing board!
Just dropped my son off at wrestling practice, came home to do a few things- then will be hitting the gym today - full force. Wanting to lose the extra weight I've gained back, in addition to a few pounds I could do without. All in all, I would like to lose about 20lbs- tone up, and maintain my goals. I have been following a few blogs from fellow moms- of whom I will be posting some of their tips here and there- take from it what you think will help to motivate you in reaching your goals, and pass on to others what you feel may encourage them. It may be exercise tips, recipes, or just general information that you may find useful.
Have a great day~ and remember to do something for yourself today!

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