Sunday, December 6, 2009

Hello all.....

My apologies for being absent for a few days.... hubby was home from being over the road, and we spent some much needed 'family time'.Took our son shopping, bought LOTS of pre Christmas gifts, hubby got a new surround sound system (WOW it is LOUD!!!!) and I picked up one of those handy dandy little Garmin GPS units. Also will be signing up for a gym membership, as now that I am a full fledged Stay At Home Mom, I actually have the time to do that for myself~ and be able to enjoy it without rushing it into my schedule. Well, the boys are playing the Madden 2010 game on surround sound, and it is WAY to loud for me, so I will be signing off for the rest of today.... and go fiddle with my soap & candle creations. Wishing you all a Great day! Stay warm~ and Be Blessed~ 'Chelle

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