Monday, March 29, 2010

Ever watch the P90X videos on tv? You know the ones, late at night while snacking in bed or really early in the morning when you are eating your bacon/egg/cheese muffin?
Yup- those videos. They do look good, I have yet to want to spend that much on a workout video, though. But I gotta say, the results on these people look good.
I have pulled up a few videos on P90X on YouTube, to see what the routines were, and possibly incorporate them into my daily routine.
Well, I came across this one - about protein shakes - and since it's been a bit since I posted a recipe for a shake, I figured I would share.
I love the bananas and peanut butter mixed in with chocolate protein mix.
(watch how much actually goes into the blender...and not a drop spilled!)

Hope you enjoy- try it out and let me know what you think!


  1. Hi Chelle,
    Enjoying your blog. I recently bought the Chelean Extreme and am going to try it. I guess it is similar to the pbx90. Hopefully I can stick with it and see results!!!

  2. I keep wanting to try the P90X videos but to be honest, the Jillian Michaels ones I do kick my butt already. I'm afraid!

  3. Have you incorporated any of the workouts into your routine?
    I know some people who started, but I don't know any who continued.

    I NEED to do something, but I'm not going to start drinking protein shakes anytime soon ;) Regular smoothies will be just fine for now.