Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today was a good day. I got to visit one of my favorite stores (Aquatropics), and picked up a cute little addition to my lil' ocean.......
A Hyacinth Pink Birdnest frag - tank raised by ORA (seriatopora hystrix).
It's very cute - and the color is a nice bold, deep pink that pops under my halides.
The size as of today: 1.5" by 2.5"
I am eager to see how fast this little baby will grow!
Here are a couple of pics with a ruler to give an idea of the size:


I have been doing so much with my tank lately, I think I may start a separate page just devoted to reefing. It truly is an obsession once you get into it! I LOVE my tank, my corals, the fish- very calming to watch and exciting to 'create' a piece of the reef. I am thinking of starting up another tank, and doing a biotope theme.
(will post when it begins!)

I have been reading so many blogs lately, and other sites, that I am just going to start sharing one here and there. Be sure to click on the links, and browse through the chosen sites to explore what the day's topic holds. Today: Baby Clothing.
And oh how sweet! Go to: and see what is available. I betcha as soon as you click on the homepage you will say: "Awwwwww......" - yup, they're just that cute!  


  1. Looks alot better than the plastic stuff I have in my tank! Following you from TwitterMoms.

  2. Hi! Following you from twittermoms! This is so tiny and adorable!