Friday, March 12, 2010

The Sun Has Been Hijacked!!
Ugh.....this rain had better stop soon. Yes, I know we need the rain--- but it definitely puts a damper on my daily activities. Didn't get to do my regular walk yesterday- and looks like today I am stuck inside again. Yesterday we had 'tornado warnings' throughout the day. Today, hopefully, is just rain. So, that is 2.6 miles of walking a day that I am adding up. I plan on hitting the trail and adding it all together for an awesome walk to get my numbers back on track! I did, however, workout at home yesterday-and plan on doing the same today. So far -as of last week - I have lost 5 lbs! (Yeah Me!) So I plan on keeping up my daily routine until I reach my target weight. Have been up'ing my protein intake, and have basically cut out the Pepsi from my day. (big accomplishment!)
I also fed Monty the other day (my carpet anemone). He is doing so well. I am very pleased with his coloration. At night, when the lunar lights come on, he has such a flourescent green glow to him. He adds a beautiful touch to my aquarium. I cannot wait until the next reef club meeting to see what the other tanks have. Very cool to see and hear how people do things differently in the same hobby.
Have a great day, and enjoy your weekend. I have chosen to play reggae today, to get motivated out of this gloomy rainy morning. Wish you all a Happy Friday!  Enjoy!

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