Monday, March 8, 2010

What a Beautiful day!
Such a wonderful change to the chilly mornings we've been having. Well, this weekend was packed with good things. Saturday- we visited the Strawberry Festival where the Citrus 3 Style Team had a booth to help raise money for the team. (Thanks to all the patrons who donated to the cause!) A very special thanks to the team members who showed up and helped out!

On Sunday, we attended the Ocala Reef Aquarium Fish Club's First Meeting.
Great turnout, about 17 guests arrived to share in the beginning stages of Ocala's first reef club.
The agenda covered introductions, door prizes, vendor introductions, a MACNA presentation, and discussions on launching the club itself: in respect to the name, creating a forum for our members to visit, and setting up further meetings.
Thank you Bill from TanksALot for taking time to share in this with us - and for donating one of the door prizes. Also, thanks to Aquatic Arts for their donation - we appreciate you guys!
You can find Bill at - where you can sign up for his mailing list, and view him on facebook - new arrivals are posted for you to see as well!
For information on MACNA, please visit - where you can view exhibits, sponsors, and speaker news- as well as register to attend.
Once again- Thank You to Raul and his family for hosting our first meeting~ we look forward to many more!


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