Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Well, today is just too cold! Trying to get motivated inside the house, so that hopefully by noon the sun will be out enough to take my walk. (hate walking in the cold!) Worse comes to worse, I guess I will just throw on a pullover and go - since I don't want to interrupt my routine.
I enjoy my walks. Great exercise and time to think about new ideas, new projects coming. Enjoying the view of the lakes around my home and neighborhood. Nature is so calming.
 A very Happy Wednesday to everyone, I am enjoying your messages- I have been getting them all (going through over 2,000 emails this week!) and I will be getting back to each of you as well. Love visiting your blogs, hearing about different views, ideas, etc. Keep up the good work everyone!
Ohhhh!!! Gotta go! (heehee) The sun is peeking out in the backyard!
Thank you Sun Gods for hearing my call! xoxoxoxo lol!

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