Thursday, January 21, 2010

Are you kidding me??!!??!!
Have you ever in your life heard of someone STEALING marine life?
How incredibly PATHETIC your life must be that you resort to stealing
from a fish store?
I REALLY LOVE my mixed reef tank, and I appreciate the people who work
 in the shops that I frequent, which is why I drive all the way to Gainesville for one of my favorite shops
- and to have someone do something like this...
huh, well let's just say I hope he is caught and thrown in jail- to rot.
Here is a pic of my tank...a work in progress...

Here is the story I came across......go to:
You can also pull it up on

(I came across this news from one of my fav fish forums :

Once again....pathetic. A real man would have paid for his purchases with honest money earned from honest work...not a worthless, spineless thief like this..... Let me know your thoughts on this- does not matter if you are a fish lover or not.


  1. I've never heard of someone stealing a Fish, unbelievable....

    btw found your great blog through twitter moms blog, following you now and hope you'll visit my new blog -