Friday, January 15, 2010

Here we go again!
Yup....we have another tournament - tomorrow- YEAH!!
We will be meeting at the highschool at 6am...bus leaves at 7am-
then off to Brandon High we go! We are down to our last 2 tournaments for JV - So.......
G O O D   L U C K   C I T R U S   H U R R I C A N E S ! ! ! !

Also - I will be sending out fillers to a couple of fellow mompackers, in the
ever-growing mompack exchange.......
So, if you have not requested your mompack - make sure to send an email with the mailing address you would like it sent.
A great way to receive a look into a plethora of women owned businesses! Don't forget to check back this week, as I will be posting
updates to my Etsy shop.....Bubble Bags...various scents.

In the mood for something..............different?

Try this Sweet Chocolatey Baklava
Truly a must have for the Chocolate Lover in You!
YOUR Distributor : Michelle Yingst

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