Saturday, January 23, 2010

Well, since I left on a bad note regarding the STUPID person who had the thought of stealing fish....
thought I would share with you a few pics I took today:
We went to the Florida Aquarium (Tampa), and also did the Behind the Scenes Tour-
our tour guy was "Ray"- very nice. We got to see how everything worked which was cool to a fish lover like myself. We saw the holding tanks, the rehab area for the sick or injured animals, the tubes for the water changes.... did you know they actually have their saltwater brought into the bay on a ship? While the ship is out to sea, it fills its' baffles with sea water, which is then pumped into the aquariums' pipeline, which is then filtered to a pristine clean! Very cool.
We also got to speak with the biologist- and got to view the main tank during feeding time. (also we were in the kitchen while they were preparing the food- cool again!)
The info the biologist shared was very informative- and I enjoyed speaking with him.
The Florida Green Sea Turtle: starts out as a baby turtle, a meat eater (carnivore), grows into mid-adulthood, becoming an omnivore (meat eater/plant eater), then when it reaches mature adulthood, it is strictly an herbivore (plant eater). The green sea turtle is the only one they know of that does this we were told....
AND the insides of the green sea turtle...ARE GREEN!!! Now come on, that is COOL!
Because of the amount of chlorophyll the turtle takes in from the plants, his insides are GREEN, organs, tissue, everything!
Here are a few pics.....

We also stopped by Rockin' Reef in Tampa.....
picked up a few things and a frogspawn coral:

This was taken just after I placed it in the tank,
so it is not fully open yet.
Will post another when it is open.

Have a good evening everyone!

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  1. What a cool fact about the FL Green Sea Turtle!! I'll have to share with my kids, thanks!

    Lovely photos; I especially like the jelly fish!